The most comprehensive Training, Development and Performance Management platform in the marketplace


MicroPower Performa is a comprehensive Training platform (LMS), with functionality suited to the best practices of gamification, methodologies, global trends, and supports people within organizations with qualification and results management.

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Expand engagement with gamification

Implement gamified strategies and content natively within the system, helping to increase employee engagement using gaming mechanisms, such as rankings, recognition badges, list of events and redemption of points earned.

Training anywhere!

See your courses, update your results and record your performance, via apps already available on the platform.

Offline courses

See your courses in the application without consuming data, via the functionality of offline content availability.

Reading of QR Code

To open online courses, documents, videos and even register your attendance in in-house training sessions.


Training contents

Using dashboards, track the qualification of your staff, team and company in real time.


Performa Videos

Make available a gallery of videos relevant to employee training and development, quickly, safely and with adaptive streaming (MicroPower Media Services).

Video streaming

Maximize for your employees the supply of videos using adaptive streaming at your connection speed and without interruption to the content, with MicroPower Media Services, already available on the platform.

Uploading videos

Observing the global trend for best learning practices, it is possible to share knowledge quickly and easily, using the video upload functionality, including the possibility of content curation.

Videos published as courses

Possibility of providing courses based on videos directly from the platform, without having to generate a SCORM package.

Track the main performance and training data

Exclusive dashboards for employees, managers and administrators, which display the main performance and training data from employees, teams and the company as a whole


Track progress with People Evolution

A functionality that allows every employee to view his/her evolution in the results, performance evaluations and skills, from the moment they are hired, which enables the manager to track the employees’ evolution in all these aspects, as well as their salary progression.

Monitor the most important data

With Performa Analytics, you monitor the main system data usage through reports and dashboards that indicate trends. Keep track of your team with custom data extracts.


Optimize performance!

See the tasks you have completed and those still in progress, displayed in main dashboard. User-focused experience reduces the cognitive effort required to navigate and access the desired content within the platform.

Expand the supply of educational objects for your employees

With MicroPower Performa 5, it is possible to carry out training using the most varied educational objects, such as SCORM courses, videos, presentations, images, etc.

Integration with Office 365

To optimize the daily routine and help with productivity, MicroPower Performa can integrate with Microsoft Office 365, such as the recording of the Personal Development Plan in Outlook Tasks, learning events in Calendar and virtual chat rooms (Skype for Business).


Possibility of integrating the Performa platform with the company’s legacy systems (recruitment, payroll, etc.).

Management of third parties

Train, develop and monitor your third-party staff via the platform.


Hold on to your company’s talent and help your employees to develop and grow, with Performa Talks

Perform continuous employee feedback in an intuitive and engaging process, embracing global trends and the new corporate demographic comprising over 50% Millennials. To cater to this generation, which requires real time feedback, it is necessary to improve the way people are managed, as the traditional evaluation and performance appraisal models will cease to exist within the next 5 to 10 years.

Performa Tribes

Share employee knowledge and experience by connecting all tribes on a single platform.

Performa Tribes is a functionality to support Collaborative Performance and Learning, integrated into MicroPower Performa, with the characteristics and resources of social networks.


Embracing the main trends

Performa Tribes is a functionality that promotes connection and interaction among all employees, united around similar interests, topics or projects, making it a strategic tool in the daily routine for all companies, and strategically supporting HR in promoting collaborative individual development.


Engage employees from different generations

In addition to being a tool suited to the needs of the digital natives generations, Performa Tribes is simple and engaging, promoting the inclusion of the other generations (X and Baby Boomers) in the process of organizational transformation through knowledge.

MicroPower’s distinguishing features


MicroPower Performa enables Flexibility and Agility to cater to the specific needs of each customer;


In-house implementation, development and services teams, affording assertiveness, quality, focus and agility with the delivery of the best solutions;


MicroPower Performa can be used in the service to the customer’s entire production chain (own staff, third-party employees, franchisees, etc.).


Dedicated or part-time BPO team: Project Managers, Programmers, Operations and Tier 1 Customer Service.

MicroPower BPO

MicroPower BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services ensure that the Customer project team keeps its focus on management activities and that operating activities are performed by a team of professionals, who are specialists in the MicroPower Performa platform.


  • Optimization of HR resources;
  • Greater operational efficiency / service quality;
  • Reduced impact from professional staff turnover;
  • Greater agility in servicing the end users;
  • Customer focus on strategy rather than the operation.

Dedicated project manager

Focal point for the customer and overall responsible for all actions performed on the platform. Learn about the customer’s business processes and business rules and act as a consultant helping to solve problems with application of best practices.

Operation’s activities

Team responsible for the operation of the Performa platform. Example of some of the activities carried out: user registration and update of their data; the process of enrollment; upload of new content; general administrative tasks; reports extraction.

Tier 1 technical support activities

Direct customer service by phone and email for end users of the platform; doubts and/or technical problems support.