About us

MicroPower is leader in the development of systems and methodologies for companies that are undertaking the digital transformation of their business and are interested in implementing and enhancing talent development processes, performance management, e-Learning, corporate university and accessibility for people with visual impairment.

Our goal is to contribute to the success of our Customers, empowering people through knowledge, with tools that are essential for High Performance practices.

Global Operations

MicroPower’s Social Contribution

MicroPower is one of the few private companies in the world to develop and provide support for the needs of People with Visual Impairment. In January 1998, MicroPower launched Virtual Vision, a screen reader that allows the Visually Impaired to access the Windows environment with autonomy – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Internet.

This product was adopted by Banco Bradesco and, in a joint effort, Banco Bradesco Internet Banking Services for the Visually Impaired was introduced to the market in July 1998. Bill Gates nominated this product for the Smithsonian Computerworld Awards and it was one of the five finalists in the 1998/1999 awards ceremony.

Organizational Culture

MicroPower’s Organizational Culture is based on the Mission, Principles and Preferred Values that are shared and transmitted through the conduct of our Employees.

Our Mission

Promote High Performance and continuously improve People Productivity through the development and effective application of their Skills, to potentialize the Results expected by the stakeholders and Organizational Competitiveness, in a sustainable way and with respect for Human Diversity.


To be recognized as a company that offers the best advisory and technological solutions in the market for Talent Development and Performance Management, to support our Customers with the optimization of their processes and qualification of their employees, and support them in the implementation of High Performance practices (*).

(*) High Performance assumes that all employees, at all levels of the hierarchy, concentrate their energy in carrying out activities that really make a contribution towards outperformance and to overcome daily challenges.


  • Determination: search for goals and expansion of our frontiers of knowledge, innovating with respect to the limits of our contact partners.
  • Dedication: making the company and work a way of life and not a way to make money. Earning money is a consequence of work well done.
  • Discipline: establishing our conduct on ethics, honesty, transparency and confidentiality in the relationship with our contact partners.
  • Search for Perfection: permanently seeking to exceed our own limits and the expectations of our Customers, Suppliers and Partners.
  • Promote with our actions, our products and our services respect for human diversity and the Social Inclusion of the impaired people, particularly the visually impaired.

Preferred Values

MicroPower’s preferred core values are represented by the Portuguese acronym CAOS, translated into English as Trust, Autonomy, Pride and Simplicity.

  • Trust: Permitting the synergy of competences, internally and externally, promoting interpersonal development and development of business with Partners, Customers and Suppliers.
  • Autonomy: For professional and work development, with initiative and creativity, always seeking to exceed the expectations of our Partners, Customers and Suppliers.
  • Pride: Feeling of professional and personal self-realization through the excellence of the work done. This is the main source of energy for nurturing professional and personal self-realization.
  • Simplicity: Seeking to develop products and services in the simplest way possible, while exceeding the requirements of our Partners and Customers.


Microsoft Certified Partners have the capacity to supply to the market, through their head offices and subsidiaries, IT services such as development, integration, consultancy and support, which conforms to Microsoft® international quality standards.


MicroPower Performa is SCORM 1.2 certified: