Integrated Learning and Performance Management

MicroPower Performa 5 is a comprehensive Training, Development and Performance Management platform, ideal for performing integrated people management, venturing beyond the traditional LMS (Learning Management System) platform.

Understand the main benefits of MicroPower Performa, embracing the best global practices and trends, to support organizations in their people training and development processes:

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Manage qualification programs at reduced costs

Promote online courses and qualify teams or large groups of people, reducing costs and also managing in-house training courses.

Expand engagement with a gamified platform

Use gamification resources in your qualification and training strategy, using games mechanisms, such as rankings, recognition badges, list of events and redemption of points earned.

Use a single system for Training and Performance Management

Track objectives and carry out Training and Performance Management on a single platform.

Hold on to the talent in your organization

Reduce staff turnover by performing continuous feedback in an intuitive and engaging way across the whole organization, through native functionalities of the system.

Track the main qualification and performance data

Manage your teams 100% oriented by data, via exclusive dashboards, with the main training and performance indicators.

Provide training and feedback anywhere

Access courses, assessments, videos, files and also record feedback directly from your smartphone or tablet.

MicroPower Genie

Qualify your team in the workplace with quick information and in the right measure to leverage your team’s productivity!

Using algorithms and artificial intelligence to recommend relevant content, MicroPower Genie is a LXP (Learning Experience Platform) that enables your workforce to resolve queries whenever they arise, solving problems and acquiring knowledge and new skills.

MicroPower Genie

About MicroPower

MicroPower is the leader in the development of systems and methodologies for companies undertaking the digital transformation of their businesses and are interested in implementing and enhancing the processes of talent development, performance management, e-Learning, corporate university and accessibility for visually impaired individuals.

Our goal is to contribute to the success of our Customers, empowering people through knowledge, using tools that are essential to High Performance practices.